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Why Google+ shut down?


Google is the king of search engine.Everything you want to see on the internet is easily searchable through Google. In two decades Google managed to stay ahead of the game. From web search engine to a leading company Google has made plenty of software for both developers and users.

Google Plus was that one software which was introduced back in 2011, formerly known as Google Talk was a social media platform. Facebook and Twitter were ruling the internet so Google stepped in this social media war with its Google Plus brand. Though it was started with a webpage but slowly it garnered favorable reviews over the mobile platform.

Google Plus functions

Google plus was intended to be used as a browsing app where people would connect with each other and follow different pages that would give different updates. A simple Google account was necessary to move things forward. The app also allowed to choose pages of different genre that people liked to see on their news feed. Furthermore a chat box enables users to send instant messages to each other with the Google Hangouts app integrated. Google Hangout still works as a standalone app and can be seen sharing services with GMail.

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Why did it shutdown?

After few years, we saw many apps like Facebook getting more advanced for mobile devices. Facebook started integrating new type of video formats that can be watched online plus many engaging features that Google was planning to apply onto its product. Google Plus on the other hand started to feel sluggish and outdated and less users were accessing it. The only users that were keen on keeping Google Plus as their daily source of info were business men who wanted major updates on routinely basis. Despite having over 53.5 million users as the Google members, Google Plus slowly lost its track till it became vulnerable as Google paid less attention to its further development.

Google finally decided to shut down its Google Plus service based on the reasons of data exposure. In 2018 Google Plus accounts were exposed to developers due to a bug or error. It resulted in million of profiles to be accessible over the internet which included static data like name, age, email, contact etc. Though the bug was diagnosed and removed later on in the month of November. Google did not let its users know anything about the error till it hit again in 2019. Google facing technical difficulties related to their beloved app announced that they would discontinue Google Plus on April 2019. The company shut down Google Plus with immediate effect but decided to shut down its APIs 90 days later.


After its heart felt goodbye, Google Plus was still being operated in the company’s own business ventures. This was done as the app was entirely used for business developments allowing its employees to communicate over the app. This decision was made under the supervision of Project Strobe. Project Strobe is Google’s third party investigation wing looking over developers. Strobe is used as a means to enhance Google security even more.

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