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What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is becoming famous overall since the internet has taken over the world by storm, due to the advent of the internet we are experiencing social media trends everywhere. Now people barely watch news channels to stay updated, rather they prefer using social media apps on their mobile phones which is the fastest means of communication in today’s world. But to understand the whole point we must be well aware of what is actually social media marketing. For starters, social media marketing is a way of promoting any brand on social media platforms with the help of tools the social media app offers. Famous apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are power sources for any kind of marketing over the internet.

Social media marketing includes activities like posting images, posting content such as articles, publishing videos on YouTube and other contents that drive audiences’ attention. The basic idea is to attract the target audience to the desired website so more people can visit hence the website revenue is generated. Social media marketing must be done with strategy in mind so we may not get lost from our goal, the simple steps are:

1- Think about the goal you want to achieve with the campaign

2-What kind of audience would be targeted when advertising on social media

3-Which social media platform your target audience usually use and why

mobile phone with facebook app

Where to start?

To start off number of things are to be kept in mind and those are:

1-what is the purpose of marketing campaign?

2-which platform to use and why

3-raising brand awareness

4-communicating with the target audience

We can start with for example Facebook. The reason for choosing Facebook is that everybody uses it and it has a wide range of cross-platform support ranging from computers to mobile apps and smart TVs so we are quite hopeful that our target audience would like to visit our page. We must choose a good type of brand if we want to attract people that may peek their interest so the brand selection is important when running a campaign.

Creating the page

Now all the top things considered let us create a Facebook page of let’s say of anything related to cooking as people are easily attracted towards eatables. We may name the page something exciting relates to cooking that will be easily remembered by the ones who will visit the page so they may visit again and again if its of their interest.

Modifying the page

The Facebook Pages manager tool is quite user-friendly that can help you maintain good page after it gathers to much traffic, make sure you are using the correct layout. the correct layout means fewer complications and easy to use interface so the audience may not get lost when they visit the page. Keep in mind the page can further beautify if valuable content is written in it that does not have to be long but quality-driven and attractive images should be posted on the cover photo so your page stands out above all.

Invest in the page

Once we are up and ready now we need to invest a little bit on the page. By investing I mean give it some time and check back regularly to see if people are visiting it. If you think the page needs more attention then boost the posts you update regularly so it can reach to a massive audience. In this way, more followers would come by which would result in more comments on the post making your page unique. Above all your audience is everything so be sure to cater them at every query possible. Many people will contact you on messenger so be kind enough to reply frequently.

The above walkthrough was given in order to show what social media marketing actually does. Not only Facebook but we can use other platforms as well that are faster, for example, YouTube and Instagram. YouTube is more advanced because people are easily attracted to videos as no one likes too much reading and visuals make people understand better. Same is the case with Instagram as it is filled with photos and videos so fewer words. In addition, every social media app now incorporates stories that last for 24 hours which is a good idea to market a brand. In this way would have good knowledge about who is viewing our campaigns.

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