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What is Internet marketing?

Internet started back in the 1990s when it became available to the general public. Now the internet is a whole new world which we often call the Internet of things as every device we use depends on the internet. Even our lives are dependent because of the life style we have adapted to. Along with general usage internet is a also a business hub for many companies either big or small time.

Internet marketing is one such great example for online marketing campaigns. It is the way to promote a brand or company online using different online techniques such as seo, pulling internet traffic etc.

Internet marketing vs traditional marketing

When there was no trend of internet, traditional marketing was very famous. But now it looks annoying as internet is able to make its ground firmly and it is here to stay. Traditional marketing uses some old fashioned techniques like newspaper ads or billboards which you frequently see in your daily routine. Billboards are situated all over the city for example you may see the ad of Burger King launching its new burger. Or you may see the discount prices of new packages of cellular network. The point is those ad techniques now looks annoying, even TV ads are of no use because people hardly watch TV rather they spend time on the internet.

Most important reason for the demise of traditional marketing is its costly nature. Publishing articles on newspaper, or displaying ads on billboards is costly and may not gather large amount of audience. People of younger age mostly refrain from newspapers so already large number of readers are eliminated. Internet marketing gathers three times more audience from a single campaign whilst the later one does not. For example everyone uses Facebook and every one might see an ad of a product while most of them may not see that ad on newspaper. Internet marketing requires little or no investment making it cost effective.

Why internet marketing?

There is an old saying ” adapt to survive” latest trend is coming from the internet so we must adapt this change to give our idea the new look.

Some stats over the internet that support online marketing are:
1- Content marketing is said to be 300 billion dollars in 2019

2- It costs 60 percent less than traditional marketing but three times the lead

3- If you have small business starting with blogs, there is a higher chance you may be leading against those without the blogs.

4- Most of the businesses have already adapted to this technique, so higher chance of success.

Content writing in internet marketing

Content writing is very important in this marketing. Many small companies promote their brand by this word of mouth. A good content accounts for more readability and more traffic gathering. Content writing consists of articles, blogs, videos, podcast and case studies:

1- Blogs and articles:

Articles is what you mostly see when you a visit a site of the new brand. Take an example of car brand which has launched its nearby showroom and introduces its people via website. The website will contain different blogs as well as their portfolio. the blog would be supporting their business idea linking to other branches of the company. People will search for the articles that would lead directly to the website. Articles and blogs help the brand promotion easier.

2- Videos:

Videos are top notch right now as content is concerned. Videos are simple to understand and are in entertaining format. Either you advertise through ad or in writing people will always be attracted towards the entertaining factor. This helps them remember easily as visual memories are strongest memories. Nowadays YouTube channels are very common in this regard. Every webpage has its own channel.

3- Podcast:

These are basically voice overs or voice notes narrating about a brand. It mostly follows story telling format or radio show format. People tend to learn things quicker when they are encouraged to listen. Listening helps them stay focused. Podcasts can be downloaded and listened later on any time.

4- Case Study:

It is another form of content describing the success story of how the brand came into existence or how will it achieve a certain goal. Case studies are longer than usual as compared to blog but worth the time.

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Tips to start

Internet marketing is the game of patience. In order to start you need to have good written content which is efficient in every way. By efficiency I mean it should be proper formatted with no grammatical errors. Plus use of keywords is very important that will help your article gather more attention due to the fact people can search using most common keywords.

SEO strategies are highly recommended. They consist of adding tags, adding images or videos and adding back links. keeping SEO techniques in mind help us to promote our brand very easily. Though it may look difficult at start but once you are indulged in it you will find it is very essential. Try to choose best title for your article that is both short and easily searchable.

Third step is to secure the content. Where your content will be read is very important. People choose most visited websites to share their content other than their own website. In this case WordPress, Qoura and Twitter are very common. For videos Facebook and Instagram is recommended because they largely support video driven content that allows you to view a flow of videos.

If necessary the ads promotion can be outsourced by paying other third party companies to boost the ad campaign. Example Facebook has its weekly to monthly packages that helps to boost the followers and likes of the pages. Instagram uses boosters to promote pages that stay on top as “Sponsored”.


So these are the internet marketing strategies and the total explanation of the concept behind it. By this time I hope all of you will be aware what is internet marketing. These minor tips will help you engage in internet business resulting in good earning and more lead but keeping in mind peacefulness and patience is mandatory.

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