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What is Google SEO?


I was looking over the internet searching for best car deals across the country. I came across PakWheels which is the leading site in Pakistan and always shows the first search results. For a while I did not use PakWheels to my advantage. But then after sometime I searched for car deal and came across “CarFirst” as the first search result. Point being it is an emerging company in Pakistan that deals in cars and have optimized its webpage to an extent that it searches lie on top. Plus I forgot to mention it is backed up by Google ads as well.

Basic idea about this discussion is how Google manages to put one website from least searched results to most searched ones. The simple idea is SEO techniques or strategies. SEO or search engine optimization are the set of techniques that allows our webpage to be on top in an optimized way. Such example is of Google searches when you type “pictures” in the search bar, you will find pixabay.com link as the top result. Literal meaning of SEO lies in the term quantity and quality of the traffic. First of all the traffic the amount of audience attracted to your page.

Digging further the traffic is only redirected if your website has the desired content a user is looking for. Along with this quality of traffic is very important. Traffic coming to your website by the help of enhancers like ads may not be authentic traffic filled with quality. Quality traffic is the organic traffic that you don’t have to pay for when promoting the page so these things are to be taken care of.

Basic Google SEO function

It is such a satisfying feel when you type something on your browser and you get instant results. Google also shows you in how many seconds it got the results back. Million of people search millions of queries, have you ever thought of how Google manages all of them?

Well here we will brief basic idea about the SEO. When a search is performed, Google initiates its crawler system that scans through all the information it can access over the internet. Once crawler finishes scanning it brings all the result back to search engine in the form of 0s and 1s. The search engine then builds up an index which is fed into the working algorithm to match the query the user typed. Because Google only understands machine language so that is why the result is brought back in binary form until the index is built. Optimization part as mentioned above is user dependent meaning it is entirely up to user how he manages his website so it can rank on top.

How to do a good SEO?

Imagine you have a WordPress website you just created. Now to make the site running you need to fill in content in a way that if user searched on random, your website link must be on top. Well there are some techniques that must be looked at carefully.

1-Content Body:

You have to fill in the main body of the article you chose to write but make sure you chose correct keywords with high volume and good SEO usage. It is important as Google does not know how beautiful your presentation is rather it just acts on analytics so be very sure what you are adding in the content.

2-Choose a good title:

Long titles often do not make for a good SEO techniques as users mostly do not type long searches. Shorter ones are recommended which means you will have a shorter URL that would be easier to remember in future.

3-Make paragraphs and sentences shorter:

It is not a good practice to write long paragraphs as the reader might get bore and bounce (leaving your website). Once the reader bounces Google automatically assumes your website is not so optimized and it immediately place your URL at the bottom. Use full stops instead of commas and try to have your sentences not more than 20 words. If needed use subheading to accommodate your writing and styling, this will help you keep track of what you need to write.

Google magnifying glass showing searches through Google web

4-Meta title and Meta description:

Meta title is something that Google uses in the search engine. Notice short URLs along with titles in the hyperlink, those are the meta titles. Meta description is a brief description used below meta titles mostly. It helps us boost the click though rate, meta description might be in the form of short summary about the page.

5-Add images and tags:

No article is beautified without the addition images, images are essential part of the writing that attracts many users. Adding images between the paragraphs or after them is a good practice as it keeps the reader engaged till the end. Tags are important as those are mostly keywords which will help your content remain in top searches. Tags contribute to the most part of SEO strategies.

6-Build links and share:

Focus on keyword phrases and build links once you have done typing. Building both out links and internal links is beneficial for the content because it links to other websites Google usually puts in the search. Lastly try to share your content on other platforms for example social media like Facebook or Twitter.

These were the basic techniques to write good quality article and modify it in such way that it makes its way for optimization. SEO is a vast field but having these basic understanding will help you get the idea behind the whole Google scenario.

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