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Typewriters – where are they now?

Early in the time, when computer systems were not introduced and typing through computer keyboard was not common, typewriters were used. Typewriters were very common back in the time. However, now the speed is everything and people commonly use computer systems.


Typewriter was first introduced in 1874 for commercial purpose. However, it became common in 1880’s. It immediately became the writing tool for writers as well as for a lot of other commercial users.

The prominent feature of typewriters were that these did not require electricity to be work with. These typewriters work with a similar phenomena of modern day printers. These contain ink inside them and a paper roll was inserted in it. The user types each sentence and able to see it on the paper.

Some famous typewriter manufacturers

  • E. Remington and Sons,
  • IBM, Godrej,
  • Imperial Typewriter Company,
  • Typewriter Company, 
  • Olivetti,
  • Royal Typewriter Company,
  • Smith Corona,
  • Underwood Company,
  • Adler Typewriter Company and
  • Olympia Werke

Some interesting facts about typewriter

  •  Designed in 1873, the QWERTY keyboard put common letter pairs far apart in order to  minimize the chance of keys jamming and raise  speed of typing
  • .The longest common words using only the top row of letters on a typewriter are ‘proprietor’, ‘perpetuity’, ‘repertoire’ and ‘typewriter’ itself.
  •  The only country whose name can be typed on one row of a standard keyboard is Peru
  • According to Mark Twain, who was a famous writer, his “Tom Sawyer” that was his first novel was written on a typewriter in 1876.

Using Typewriters

Once, typewriters were so common that people all around the world use this for commercial purposes, but with the advent of Computer Technology, the manufacturing as well as production of laptops have become obsolete. However, in India still people use typewriters where there is little electricity.

The end of the era of typewriters took place in UK when they built their last typewriter and gave it to the museum. Brother’s North Wales Factory put the full stop at their production line of typewriters and donate their last machine to London’s Science museum.

Due to fastest technology, i.e; computers and laptops, people have changed their trends from typewriters towards electronic media. Now, you just have to type your document on your computer, save it, connect it to the printer and then take out its print.

Typewriter lovers

However, there are still people who have a passion and love for the typewriters. These are especially those who love to write their own material and keep it the way it is to themselves. Keira Rathbone, who is an artist, thinks the typewriter is a source of art. She has shown her love for the typewriter by making an aesthetic drawing that shows the mechanism of QWERTY keyboard pattern. She further states that “I think it’s the mechanics of it and being able to feel the mechanisms. It’s not like using a computer where it’s all a bit of a mystery and covered up. You can see if there’s nothing wrong with it straight away… It’s just fascinating to be able to look at what you’re typing.”

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