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Trending technologies in 2019


Remember the days like a decade ago when there were no smartphones. Apple then started a trend of smartphones and I remember my friend boasting it with new IPhone. Gradually mobile phone industry picked up the pace and now we have plethora of devices around us. Ranging from mid range to high end phones that are faster than the computers nowadays.

Point being is technology has evolved a lot in past years and smartphones were just the start. The rest world will visualize how mankind has transformed the whole technological scenario and how well it will help us in our everyday lives. 2019 has some interesting technology news which will create big hype for the industries present. The list goes on and on:

1- Artificial Intelligence

We have been hearing about the evolution of AI from past few years but 2019 might see it in reality. Back again we witnessed AI in gaming where it was partially implemented but now AI has been reaching in our daily lives. The best example is that of self-driving cars that are making rounds over the internet. Volvo, Polestar, Tesla and Porsche have already started development and production of AI cars that will be fully electric driving by themselves. Other than cars AI would be incorporated in robotic processes where robots would learn from their mistakes and improvise. This would be helpful to the large scale industries in near future. AI can be looked around in daily loves for example the navigation services, smart TVs, smartphones and even home appliances such as automatic washing machines.

2-Machine learning

Machine learning is the branch of AI. It is basically a process where the machine learns something it was not programmed to do. The machine learns from its mistakes by following patterns and delving deep into data analysis to avoid future mistakes. Machine learning has further domains such as neural networks and natural language processing. NLP or natural language processing is where the machine picks up voice notes from a human and convert it into machine readable format. NLP is present mostly everywhere now including phones, Google search and ATMs. With the advent of machine learning, people would likely to have good scope in the future jobs resulting in good earning.

robot hand depicting the machine learning process

3-Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation or RPA is an emerging field in the world of science. Many cellular and networking companies have started adopting this technology in their offices. RPA usually requires the use of software to automate basic processes ranging from email replying to making payrolls for employees. Basically it does everything that is repeated on daily basis cutting down man-effort. Though RPA may threaten low grade jobs of employees but it will also be an efficient way to collect and maintain data. One RPA machine can replace three to four employees. Because a robot can perform all the tasks. The replaced employees can be given another position in the office.

4- 5G network

One of the most anticipated technology of 2019 is the 5G. For a decade we have been using smartphones on 3G, 4G and LTE networks. 5G would be surpassing all this with enormous network speed. Basically what we are doing now on our smartphones will be able to do faster with less lag.

The 5G is rumored to have around 45 MBPS of transfer rate. While large industries assume it will cross the 1 GB mark. Which means people would be able to witness faster virtual reality, download full HD content in few minutes and manage bundles of data on cloud. But in order to use 5G many of us would be needing advanced smartphones that will be 5G ready. It is still unknown when will 5G would be fully available to end user as it is still in development phase. Larger band of frequencies are prone to distortion for now in long distances. Companies like Huawei plans to launch 5G technology in Middle East this year.

5-Virtual and Augmented Reality

Falling into the R+ category, the virtual and augmented realities are something worth experiencing. Virtual reality is where the user can experience imaginable surrounding as if he is actually there. On the other hand augmented reality improves the environmental experience. Best example of AR (Augmented Reality) is the mobile game Pokemon Go. The game used AR where user was shown different Pokemon characters on mobile screen as if they were actually there.

VR is more common as it has evolved to greater heights. With the help of VR people can learn flight simulation or use it for entertainment purpose such as visiting theme park etc. Google and Oculus are top companies that incorporate VR technology. As time passes by the potential of VR to become most trending will only increase.

So these were the technological milestones that are ready to be achieved in 2019 and so on. These technologies will not only help make our lives easier but they will also be a bread winner for job seekers. Though computers can be automated but still a human effort is needed to operate it. In near future people must learn about these techs to secure more jobs.

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