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Top 10 Canadian industries to invest in 2019-20

This is the era of competition and earning money through investment. People who are successful businessman have invested in something fruitful. In order to know about Top 10 Canadian Industries and how to invest in them read the following description.

1. Fishing, Hunting and Trapping

Fishing is one such business that gives huge profit.  This industry mainly comprised of harvesting fish and other wild animals from their natural habitat. There are 18,019 business establishments of this industry in Canada. People who are doing business in this industry have revenue of $202.6 thousand. Most importantly, the ratio of profitability is 94%. By looking at all these possibilities, it is hence wise to invest in Fishing, Hunting and Trapping.

2. Sewage treatment facilities

It is the facility in which sewer systems are being operated by the workers. Sewage treatment facilities collect, treat and dispose waste material. There are over 95 business establishments of this industry. The revenue of the industry is calculated to be $430.3 thousand. The ratio of profitability is 92.1% which is very much satisfactory for the businessman to invest. The facility is profitable because almost in every corner of the country there is a need of the Sewage treatment facility.

3. Fishing

This industry comprises of commercial catching or taking of finfish, shellfish, and other marine animals from their natural habitats. People all over the world love to eat sea-food. The business of food of any kind is very much profitable. Sea-food is sometimes expensive, thus making it possible to have better revenue. There are 16,976 businesses establishments of the industry in Canada. Although the financial performance is satisfactory with the revenue of $205.9, the ratio of profitability is 94.4% which is extremely better.

4. Business Schools and computer management

Everywhere around the world the educational institutions are earning to a great extent. The reason is that people have become aware of the value of good education. Most importantly, business schools and computer management departments have earned comparatively better than other institutions. There are 4,171 establishments of this industry available in Canada. The revenue is $276.6 thousand. Due to a number of students enrolling in this industry, the ratio of profitability is 87.3%.

5. Electric power regeneration, transmission and distribution

As the name of the industry suggests, this area comprises of bulk electric power, transmission from generating facilities to distribution centers, as well as distribution to end users. Electricity is one such industry that is used almost in every sector of the life. Therefore, it is possible to attain more revenue from it. There are 3,266 establishments of the industry in Canada. The revenue is $459.9 thousand which is even better than Business schools. The profitability ratio is 86.6% which is acceptable.

6. Natural Gas distribution

The distribution of Natural Gas is very economical. People who invest in this industry will gain huge profits due to the distribution facilities all around the country. The distribution includes natural or synthetic gas to the ultimate consumers through a system of mains. In this context, gas marketers or brokers that arrange the sale of natural gas over distribution systems are included. Although the establishments are 407, the revenue tends to increase to $974.7 thousand. There, the ratio of profitability tends to become 84.4%.

7. Education services

Education sectors earn a lot through the education services. The earning party not only consists of teachers and staff members but also the CEO and owners of the Universities. There are 36,929 business establishments in the country. The revenue of the educational services is $312.1 thousand with a profitability ratio of 82.9%.

8. Support activities for agriculture and forestry

The services provide support services that are important for the production of agriculture and forests. There are support centers that will provide support and services to the people and in return make money. There are 15,645 businesses establishments of the industry in Canada. The financial performance of the industry is satisfactory with revenue of $336 thousand. The ratio of profitability of the industry is 81.4%.

9. Water, sewage and other systems

The industry mainly comprises of the services that includes operating water, sewage and related systems. People need proper water and sewage facility in order to live a good life. This business is helpful in such a way that people may require these services. There are 945 business establishments of the industry in Canada with comparatively good revenue of $328 thousand. The profitability ratio is 81.3%.

10. Gambling industries

This industry comprises of gambling facilities, such as casinos, bingo halls and video gaming terminals. People like to attract towards the shiny things. Casinos, bingo halls etc are all attractive for the people. It is better to invest in this industry as this industry tends to provide good revenue to the investors. There are 1,189 businesses establishments of Gambling industries in Canada. The financial performance is better with revenue of $617.7 thousand. The profitability ratio is 80.8%.

Source: Statistics Canada, special tabulation, unpublished data, unclassified excluded, 2016.

  • T. David
    April 14, 2019 at 1:53 pm

    So Sp sad that HUNTING & FISHING – killing animals in their natural habitat is #1 on your . Heartbreaking for the helpless animals that manage our eco-system
    and our future as human beings. We deserve what we get.

    • Quantum Team
      April 16, 2019 at 12:12 am

      We apologize if we hurt your feelings. Actually some of the team members had same views but you know “Man gotta tell the truth too.”

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