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The Analogy of International SEO – Geographical Rankings

One of my client from Montreal (Canada) complained:

“I rank on top in Google for (anonymous term) but my nephew told me that he could not see our link in top 3 in Nigeria and he found our link at 4th position. Why is that? and What is the solution to such drop in Google ranking Internationally?”

Anonymous Business Owner

At the run time I had to come up with an example to explain them which i will be sharing with you (Quantum Family).

Suppose there are 2 Users: John A & John B

John A currently resides in Canada (Particularly in Montreal) where as John B is a Nigerian who living in a Sub Urb of Nigeria.

John A searches for (anonymous keyword phrase) and finds (mywebsite.com) on 1st position but when John B searches the same keyword phrase he finds (mywebsite.com) on 4th position.

We must not forget that John A is using an iPhone X with 50 mb Canadian Internet where as John is using a 3g Mobile Internet on an iPhone 6.

Based on such information Google deems it appropriate to present that website which creates better user experience for both JOHNS and in this scenario Google induced that JOHN B from Nigeria would not be much happy about (mywebsite.com) rather JOHN B would be more happy to visit (mycompetitor.com).

How did Google decide that JOHN A should see (mywebsite.com) whereas JOHN B would be better off with (mycompetitor.com)?

Well! Google Bot did some analysis on basis of User Metrics like:

  • Users from Canada spent 3 minutes reading information while Users from Nigeria where spending barely 40 seconds.
  • Users from Canada also visited 4-5 other products and were very engaged with the page content but users from Nigeria seem uninterested and left the page without visiting other product pages at (mywebsite.com)
  • Also Google found that people like JOHN A from Canada had access to the page in 2 seconds where as people like JOHN B in Nigeria had to wait 20 seconds before the website page loaded properly

Based on the following User Metrics Google had an Idea that JOHN B needs a better solution to improve his experience with Google because it is Google’s Mission to provide right information at right time at right speed!

Now Google decided to check its options for this keyword phrase Nigerian Users were searching. Google found that there are 3 other such websites which can offer similar information and people from Nigeria tend to spend Longer Time on the page, Had more Page Visit per Session i.e. Checked many other Products, The Page Load time and Speed was also Faster, etc.

Thus Google began to rank them accordingly based on the information it collected (User Metrics).

But do not worry, You can still improve your rank by working on your page to make it more user Friendly and build a strategy to improve the User metrics (UX). Some of the tricks to improve user experience
(Ranking on Google) are:

  1. Having a Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) can strip the unnecessary load on page and loads page faster.
  2. Cache provides better User Experience by creating Static Files
  3. CDNs – Content Delivery Networks help you improve your rankings by pushing website content to powerful proxy servers optimized for accelerated content distribution
  4. Having WebP images also not only saves data bandwidth but also loads faster on various devices thus improves User Experience (which itself improves Search Rankings)
  5. Many other tricks which you can easily find at https:/web.dev or via using Google Chrome’s Light House Audit Tool integrated to Chrome Browsers.

  • Luc
    April 3, 2019 at 3:24 pm

    I had similar International SEO problem where my JOHN B was not happy. Thanks for sharing.

  • Marc Langevin
    April 12, 2019 at 1:58 am

    Nice post. Google is evolving like crazy these days.

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