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Software industry in Canada

Businesses are constantly changing the world. One of the top business making industry is Software industry. Canada is a rapid growing country and it demands the individuals to invest in such industry that can turn into a huge success.


The industry mainly comprises of those establishments that are engaging in the publishing of computer software. The softwares are published to multiple clients and there is a huge proportion of the business in various provinces in Canada. Following is the data of the business establishments in various provinces in Canada.

Province/territoryEmployersNon-employers / Indeterminate
British Columbia302313
New Brunswick1613
Nova Scotia1515
Newfoundland and Labrador108
Prince Edward Island22
Northwest Territories00

In the following description, you will find the average revenues, expenses and profits for small and medium-sized businesses of the year 2016.

  • Revenue range: Annual revenues $30,000 – $5,000,000
  • Provinces/ Territory/ Canada: Canada
  • Incorporation status: All businesses
  • Distribution by: Total revenue
  • Value in: Thousands of dollars
  • Data collection year: 2016
  • Industry: Software Publisher-5112

Government support for Tech in Canada

There are a variety of jobs in Software industry that government offers. This may include: Software developer, Website developer, Website designer, Graphic designer etc. If you have done a degree in Computer sciences or similar course, then you may attain a golden opportunity to get good job in Canada.


According to a research in July 2017, the government launched a new $1.26 billion Strategic Innovation Fund. This fund was available to all sectors. Especially those designed to encourage growth, development and commercialization of products and services. These services include developing technologies. Hence, the Plan states that the number of high-growth companies in Canada, digital industry in general, as well as technology sectors will double until 2025.

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