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Must have Analytics in a Corporate Weekly Performance Report for an E-Business & Explanation

The following Data Analytics are highly recommended for an E-Business to help create Informed Strategies which will assist in Business Growth, Budgeting, HR Decision, User Experience Improvements, etc.

The report given below compares 2 weeks data i.e. Last week (Sunday to Sunday) and Week Prior to Last Week i.e. (Second Last Sunday – Sunday)

This report can be generated as per need i.e. Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annually or Annually. It can also be re-designed.

Some other popular Data Sources these reports can have are Social Media Accounts, Email Clients, Excel based Sheets, ERP Systems, etc. As far as the potential connection is not with COBOL or FORTAN from 1900s, the report can be modified to present the data of your interest or needs.


This is the Total Number of Users that Land on your Website(s).

Page Views

This is total number of Pages viewed by those Users and it will always be higher than the total number of users because each User will land on a Page.

From SEO Perspective, Google weighs total page views per user to decide where you should rank for a certain keyword the user searched to landed on your website.

If a User goes back to Google and Searches for Same Keyword again and this time clicks on a competitor then It might effect your website because the NEED FOR SECOND Search proves the User was unable to find what he was looking for the first time he landed on your website.

UX – User experience plays a huge role here i.e. If your users do not have a Nice NAVIGATION the maximum number of page views per user maybe 2-3 where as Companies like AMAZON give higher number of Page Views per user because the USERS will always have something to click to and Enjoy.

Average Time on Page

 This is by far the MOST important User Metric amongst all. Avg. Time on Page tells how much time a User Spend on a Certain Page. This helps Google Decide which of your pages deserve to rank sand which ones don’t.

I will ask you a Question: Did you ever Google Something and clicked on top clicks and found the Resulting Page EMPTY?

The answer is NO.

Google Bots are most Busy and Efficient machines in the WORLD. Its just a piece of code whose job is to compare its various options and show the best one to its user.

Kids with multiple Toys will always have that special TOY that they want to spend more time with and Parents can easily identify that this TOY is special one and must be always near their KID for whatsoever reason. They give importance to that TOY because of the behavior they observed from the KID.

Same applies to GOOGLE. If webpages are TOYS and Users are KIDS, then Google will take TIME SPENT on each WEBPAGE as the METRIC to make decision which one should be given Priority/Protocol and keep closer to the USER.

You can think of a Keyword Searched and cross check it with Time Spent on various pages offering Similar to the Keyword Pages/Topics. This is how Two Factors just got combined by Google.


These are basically the Goals or Conversions we setup manually in our Website or E-Business to Track Sales or Clicks or Visits to certain Pages. Lets says if there is a THANKYOU page and it only appear after a TRANSACTION gets processed then its easy for us to TRACK how many times this page got TRIGGERED or VIEWED and by that we can decide how many Sales we might have received. Of course, some precautions exist to make sure no duplicate entries exist i.e. 1 User can have 1 Unique Trigger.

This can be changed i.e. Some E-Businesses would like to see how many people visited the CHECKOUT PAGE but did not pay or maybe how many people LANDED on PAYMENT PAGE and clicked certain Buttons and then Dropped (or Left the Website). This will help Businesses decide whether they need to IMPROVE the LAYOUT or if there is any PROBLEM with the Page they need to Fix.

Also, HEATMAPS is a very popular tool which can show Realtime video of how a USER interacts with a PAGE. Its just like a Screen recording.

Impressions Clicks and CTR (Click Through Rate)

 Impressions are the Total Number of Views your WEBSITE (PAGES) got through various channels like GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE.

Clicks are total number of CLICKS your Website (PAGES) received from various channels. It is always less than IMPRESSIONS unless someone clicks on same URL multiple TIMES. This is why Paid Marketing (DIGITAL ADS) must be very carefully adjusted where costs are 1 to 15 $ per click and duplicates would cause an immense loss.

CTR is a metric that measures the number of clicks advertisers receive on their ads per number of impressions i.e. CLICKS/IMPRESSIONS. It is very essential for Paid Marketing as well because the QUALITY Score depends on it. If QS is high your CLICKS will be less costly on GOOGLE ADS…

Average Position

This is Average Position your web-pages get across the board i.e. If you have 30,000 Keywords your web-pages rank for then this number is the AVERAGE, you have for all your pages. You might be on top 3 for some keywords but there will always be some keywords where you rank below the 1st Page let’s say 20th position for a keyword like “Buy a Canadian Flag”. This Keyword however does not affect your rankings however there are many other factors that need to be considered.

These are the total number of
Keywords (queries) you currently rank for on Google Search Engine.

Below are some of the Analytical Data Points from Google Ads (formerly AdWords)


Total Amount spent on Paid Marketing via Google


Total Goal or Conversion Achievements i.e. Form Submissions, etc.


How much you paid per Form Submission i.e. Cost per Conversion

Average CPC

Average Cost Per Click tells about how much a Click Costs you.

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