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How to use Google Keyword Planner


One fine day you open up your web browser and start surfing, while browsing you notice there are tons of ads being displayed at the bottom, at the side or on top. Ever wondered what are these ads all about. These are basically Google ads and they work as a promotional tool for a campaign or to advertise a brand. Many companies either big or small approach Google to help them display their ads on many other websites in order to garner attention by the website viewer. The website pays for the ads to run and Google also generates most of its revenue from this workaround.

For example the video ads are being displayed whenever a YouTube video starts until the searched video is played is a great example of video advertisement. But everyone has to start from point zero to make its name and Google ads is only one part of the story. The main part lies within Google’s another tool called the keyword planner.

I wanted to write articles on WordPress but was clueless where to start as i had no special ideas to write on, I also wanted to choose those topics that will benefit others or are very commonly searched. I searched through internet but found same old topics so I searched even more till I learnt about Google tools. Ads and keyword planner were most beneficial of them all so here I would like to tell you what is keyword planner and how it works.

What is Keyword Planner?

Google keyword planner is the tool used by Google Adwords to help user search different type of words over the internet. It gives statistical and detailed result of what people are commonly searching on web. The keyword usually works in the form of tags that is searching different topics with the help of one word and you will instantly get hundreds of results. The best part is you can filter out searches in terms of month, location and languages which helps you locate the desired search results.

How it works?

Google Adwords system is vast but not so difficult, though it contains many lengthy procedures to follow but we will cover only basic ones. The requirements to use Google Adwords are:

1- An internet connection

2- Updated web browser (Google Chrome recommended)

3-A Google account

keep in mind the Google account can be same as your GMail account, so no separate ids for all of them. Plus avoid using G Suite for now as it is meant for business accounts but we are covering basics only.

The walk through

Once you have made your Google account you can now access all of Google content and Adwords is no exception. Simply type Google Adwords on the browser search bar and click on first result. It would redirect you to the main page and see at the upper right corner the button to Sign In. Once clicked you are logged into your Adwords account dashboard.

The Adwords dashboard displays your total campaigns running if there are any plus your daily or monthly stats to see how well your display ads are going and total bids people have performed on it by the PPC (Pay Per Click) method.

Moving onto the next step you might see at the grey bar located at the top called the Tools and Setting button. Clicking on that lets you choose tools from drop down menu, you will see Keyword Planner as the second in the list. Now you are redirected to Keyword page. Keyword page first ask you to type in different keywords so it can display the result. I typed in “Social Media” and it showed me around 1,106 results from the internet that people have searched for.

Analysis on keyword

Now we have searched for the keyword, next comes the analysis part where we need to decide which kind of topic to choose based on the keyword selected. Notice that next to keywords are different categories such as “Avge monthly searches” also known as volume. It tells how much people have searched this keyword, then the “competition” which tells does this keyword have high repute or low. Then total highest bids which we can talk about later as those are related to ads. Keep in mind always look for that keyword which has greater volume so when you write article you will have many people visiting your website because they searched for that keyword and Google directed them to your site. Remember high quality keywords leads to more traffic on the website as a result greater search optimization.

Once the keyword is fully analyzed, now you can safely decide on the topic and start writing. Remember to always use the high quality keywords in the paragraphs for better readability.

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