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How To: Link Building Vs. Paid Links

The emergence of many websites on the internet has led to an increased number of links. Links make up the internet, as the numerous links interconnect to form the web. Without links, navigating the web is impossible.

The essentiality of links is that it accounts for navigation through the web. Any activity taking place on the internet always involves moving of links from a page to another. Whether social media, browsing, or on search engines. Links are crucial as it powers the internet.

Links are, therefore, vital to marketers in promoting their products. Below are two reasons:

 Links can act as a signal of authority and trust. Once another website refers to another site using a link, Google and search engines consider it as a “vote of confidence” It goes a long way in establishing the credibility of a website.
 Links are primary navigation on the internet. If a marketer wants to direct a customer to another site with quality products, a link is used to direct the customer. Links, therefore, inherently associate with humans wholly on the internet.

Link Building

With the essence of links being undeniable, link building is the ultimate way to promote your website. Link building is a significant aspect of search engine optimization (SEO) that involves getting links directing to your site. It is the process of getting quality links from quality sites and related sites redirecting to your website.

Link building is encapsulating sales, marketing, and psychology together. It requires one to have excellent marketing skills, social skills, persistence, and a touch of creativity. It is a vital component in marketing as it increases traffic to a site. Below are benefits accrued by involving links in marketing.

1.       Audience Development – When you secure a link to another website, it gives another audience direct navigation to your site. Therefore, increasing the audience reach of your website.
2.     Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Links are a strong ranking factor in search engines. Using links enables your website to pop up whenever a search is done on the type of content you provide on your website.
3.  Valuable for Marketing – Having a link to another website is like a vote of confidence. It is a signal of trust and credibility to your site. It creates a positive connection and develops a relationship.

Types of Link Building

The knowledge of anything isn’t crucial if you don’t know how to apply it. The knowledge of link building wouldn’t be necessary if you don’t know the types of links to use. 

Knowing the types of links to use will help you develop the authority of your site, boost traffic, improve search ranking, and overall customer experience. Below are three types of links that are crucial for your website.

 Backlinks – Backlinks are incoming hyperlinks from other websites to your website. They are among the top three most ranking factors, according to Google. With backlinks, however, it is the quality and not the quantity that matters. Here are a few elements on how to get great backlinks.
i. Create valuable content that organically generates links from websites that need to share quality content to their visitors.
ii. Look for high-quality domains that are given extra search ranking value.
iii. Ask for diverse link prospects from a diverse pool of sites.
 Outbound Links – Outbound links are the opposite of backlinks. They are links from your site to other sites. Check your content and identify sites that provide resources and might be valuable to your visitors. The link might be a resourceful, in-depth piece of information.

Outbound links increase authority to your site and provide value to your customers.

 Internal Links – These are links that go to other pages but are within the same websites. It helps your visitors stay long in your site as they engage with content on your site.

Links help search engines to understand the architecture of your site, establish the relationship between content on your website, and show the most important pages. By doing so, it will help boost your search rankings and enable your content to be more visible by internet users.

Paid Links

While link building is a vital necessity of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), paying a third party for a backlink referring to your domain is strictly forbidden, and is heavily punishable.

Due to the immense advantages of link building, the impact led to abuses and others paying to have links to their sites. Google, which uses links as a natural signal, developed a complementary algorithm to curb on this vice.

How to Get Quality Links Without Paying for Them

Paid link building is not only unacceptable but a harmful practice. Attracting free links isn’t any attractive either, but with the right focus and content, you can get quality links. Below are tips on how to get quality links without paying for them.

 Relationships – Marketers should strive to build relationships with authoritative industry sources who might consider linking them to their blogs or pages. 
 Exceptional content – Create excellent content and do it so often. For attention-grabbing content, you can use various services to attract visitors, gather shares, backlinks, and boost SEO.

It should consider the frequency in which they roll out fresh and new content. Search engines tend to engage more sites that produce fresh content and scale higher in both quality and quantity.

 Return the favor – The benefit of backlinks is two way. Once another site has acknowledged your site by a backlink, return the favor by referring another deserving site. When featured on guest posts, highlight it on your website. It does not only lead to successful relationships but also causes traffic back to the site.
 Think Present – To boost your SEO, you have to be conversant with the attributes valued most by search engines presently. To develop quality links, you will need to spend more time on developing mobile and social media-based experiences.

In conclusion, for the success of any website, one should learn to effectively use link building and avoid paid links at all costs.

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