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How printing media is making progress in Canada

Printing industry plays a vital role in the development of every country. Since its introduction to the world, printing media has been revolutionizing the world. It is the need of the time, to keep updated with news of every second. World is making progress every second. Each minute a new innovation is fascinating the world. We can keep ourselves updated through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. However, there are still people around the world who would like to read he newspaper early in morning at their breakfast tables.

The Evolution of press media

From 1752-1807, the newspapers were transmitted from England to Canada.

From the year 1807-1858, the Great Britain and American settlers were settling in Canada, therefore establishing printing media department in  Canada.

From the year 1858-1900, the press spread westward. The new settlers has now started to establish their business in Canada. The printing Media has now spread to the Pacific region with Canadian newspapers.

The Twentieth century and further

Then comes the 20th Century which carries immense change in the printing media of Canada. The newspapers carried information of the happening events of the twentieth century, such as World War I, World War II, The coronation of the Queen of England and many more.

The modern time

Now the technology has become advanced. Everyone have smartphones and people like to keep updated of the news of every minute. The newspapers like Toronto Star, Montreal Gazette and Ottawa Citizen are one of the oldest newspapers. Each paper has a wide range of publishing stores and people like to read the newspapers on their breakfast tables.


Although the time and era has changed and we have moved towards virtual reality, but there are still individuals who would like to read the newspapers. Even the richest people in the world read daily newspapers as their routine. Therefore, the printing  media has made a great progress and  is still making progress each day.

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