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Evolving Digital marketing Strategies of 2019

In order to understand concept of digital marketing let’s just understand the social media platforms first. Social media platforms or social networking apps may include:

  • Facebook
  • Whatsapp
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pintrest
  • Snapchat
  • Linkedin
  • YouTube

These above mentioned social networking applications provides a way to communicate with other people using internet. People may socialize themselves through these applications. These applications are an amazing way to promote yourself in the industry. If you are new to the field of digital marketing, you might feel this article very helpful and interesting.

What actually Digital Marketing is?

So, in order to easily understand about Digital Marketing, we need to know what it actually is. Will it help you grow in the industry? Is it beneficial for you to invest in it? How can you easily achieve a place in digital marketing world? In order to answer all these questions let’s just first dive into Digital Marketing phenomena.

What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services with the help of digital technologies. It is especially done on the Internet. However it also includes mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium. For instance, you have created an application for online car booking system. Now you want to advertise your application on digital media. All you need to do is to create account on above mentioned apps or platforms and get your app connected to these platforms. You will not need to invest a single penny while advertising in any of the above mentioned apps.

Some effective strategies or ways of digital marketing

Now let’s just talk about some effective strategies of Digital marketing other than Social networking applications.

1. SEO

The very first optimal solution of digital marketing is SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. You must need to have an SEO expert to advertise your product or application on Google. If you want to rank your product on Google, you might need to put some effort on SEO. Through one recent studies, it has been concluded that the new HTTP requirements of web pages are already impacting the world of Digital marketing. Google now suggests the users to switch to HTTPS. The reason behind this change is that many pages that have been using HTTP are not secured enough.

2. Content Marketing

Content Marketing is basically a huge part of attracting targeted audience. Attracting the number of audience to your content is not an easy task. You might need to make your content valuable, relevant as well as consistent, so that people who are spending their time on your content must get some benefit from it. If you publish the right content then you might be able to attract potential audience to your service/product/application.

3. Remarketing

It is yet another effective form of marketing. The plan of action of marketing usually involves idea, plan and then action. In order to advertise yourself, you must focus on your marketing tactics.

Remarketing is basically the technique to go back to your marketing strategies and revise them. If the people are not attracted towards the advertisements, then take a review from the people and update the ad with better content.

4. Make responsive web designs

Another way of attracting the people to your product/service/application is through user-friendly web designs. Now-a-days it is a common practice to reach to the people through mobile phones. Make your website mobile responsive, so that when people open your website on their mobile phones, they may feel good and would want to dive deep into your service/product/application.

5. Marketing automation

According to a research, 92% of all small businesses lose money every month because they ignore marketing automation. Marketing automation basically involves a clockwise cycle process of automating your product or service or application on internet. The cycle involves first searching your product or service on Internet, then check all the web forms of your website. The web forms will then go into marketing automation database and recheck their availability in the database. If there is any change in the database, then an email will be triggered and will be send to the user. At the end of the process, we might need to measure, analyze and improve the strategies.


This is an era of competition. Everyone is in the race of excelling in the field of business. Those who adopt towards the Digital Marketing strategy will definitely get success. Those who do not put an effort on digital marketing will not get any success in business area.

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