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Accommodation Services


This sub sector comprises establishments primarily engaged in: providing short-term lodging for travelers, vacationers and others. In addition to lodging, a range of other services may be provided. For example, many establishments have restaurants, while others have recreational facilities.

Lodging establishments are classified in this sub-sector even if the provision of complementary services generates more revenues.

Establishments that operate lodging facilities primarily designed to accommodate outdoor enthusiasts, are also included in this sub-sector. These establishments are characterized by the type of accommodation and by the nature and the range of recreational facilities and activities provided to their clients.

Establishments that manage short-stay accommodation establishments, such as hotels and motels, on a contractual basis are classified in this sub-sector if they provide both management and operating staff. These establishments are classified according to the type of facility they manage.

The information on the number, size and location of establishments can be used to assess the existing level of competition within the industry in your province/territory. The table below shows the breakdown between employer and non-employer or indeterminate establishments for each province and territory as well as at the national level. For this industry, 5 of establishments are non-employers or indeterminate and 11 have one or more employees.


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