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A step by step guide to how to publish your content on Apple news


Apple news has been a part of almost all individual’s lives who have been using Apple products.

What is Apple News?

Apple News is a mobile app and news aggregation developed by Apple Inc. If you are interested to create a content and publish it on Apple news, you have come to the right place. Here, step by step guide will help you not only to create your content but also to publish it on one of the fastest growing news channel i.e, Apple news.

Find an interesting topic

The first thing you might need to have is to have a strong content or writing material that could attract your audience. You may check our blog posts to help you finding exciting news. After selecting the topic, you may move to the next step. However, before publishing the article, you need to register yourself as a publisher.

#1. Sign Into iCloud

In order to start the process of signing up, you need to follow the link: http://www.icloud.com/newspublisher. By clicking on the link, you will be directed to iCloud, you might need to provide your Apple ID. This can be your device’s associated ID. In order to continue further, accept the end user license agreement.

#2. Provide publisher and Channel information

After you have accepted the agreement, you will be directed to the next step. In the next page, you have to fill your publisher information as well as additional information to set-up your channel. After giving all the information click Next.

#3. Upload a Logo

Now this is an optional step. You might need to provide a Logo for your channel. If you don’t need it, you may skip it. Make sure your logo is a PNG file with a minimum size of 256 pixels square. The file size limit is 2MB.

#4. Choose a publishing format

Now in the next step you are required to choose one of the two publishing formats. One is RSS feed and the other is Apple news format.

  • RSS feed – there is no change in user experience, which means you can’t use Apple’s article format
  • Apple news format – it optimizes the content for iOS devices

If you are using Apple News format, then you need to click on Sign Up for Apple News Format. Once, you click it, your application will be sent for review.

If you are using RSS Feed for your blog or website, then you need to to click on I’d Rather Use RSS for Now. By clicking on the button, you will be directed to a new page which asks you to provide the RSS feed of your website. Using RSS Feed is easy. All you need to do is to visit your website, click anywhere on the page, from the menu or list, click on Inspect element or Inspect.

Next the HTML code of your page will appear. Use the Find feature. For this you may press Ctrl+F on Windows, Command+F on a Mac and search for RSS. The feed link will be highlighted. Copy the link and paste it on the form that you have been working on. Click finish. You might need to accept the terms and conditions. After accepting, you might submit your application. Apple will review your application and will get back to you within few days.

#5. Submit Articles for approval

Once Apple approves you as a publisher, you might need to submit some articles for review. In order to do that, you can either:

  • Create and Article in News Publisher or
  • Use your Content Management System (CMS)

In order to create your Article in News Publisher, sign in and select News Publisher from the menu.
If you prefer to connect your CMS with News Publisher, you’ll need to use a plugin or write the code yourself.

However, in each case, Apple will review your articles or contents and will notify you if your content gets approved.

How publishers make money

Once you have written your content, you might need to advertise it in order to earn money from your writing. To do that, Apple News offers a built-in advertising platform. It helps publishers initiate revenue from their original content. You may choose one of the following options in order to publish your content:

  • Sell the ads yourself and keep 100% of revenue.
  • Let Apple sell your ads and keep 70% of revenue.
  • Earn additional revenue from Apple ads that appear between articles or topics. You split revenue with Apple which means 50% will go to Apple and 50% to you. The table below shows where these ads can appear.
Format / PlacementBetween Articles in the Channel viewBetween Articles when swipingIn Articles
Medium RectangleiPhone onlyN/AYes
Pre-roll videoN/AN/AYes


Apple News is an innovative way to acquire reader’s attention to read the news. It is extremely easy to register yourself as a publisher. The platform is continuously getting advanced. New features and further refinements are expected. Stay updated with it!!

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